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Unveiling the $SOUL Token: The Ephemeral Spine of BackBone Labs’ Ecosystem

Within the shadowed realm of Backbone Labs, we transcend the mere guise of a conventional tech entity. We emerge as the necromancers of the blockchain realm, driven by an unwavering purpose to infuse vitality into the very essence of blockchain communities, even as they teeter on the precipice of oblivion.

The Impact We’ve Unearthed over the past 18 months

  • NecropolisNFT Marketplace: A digital bazaar on Terra, soon to extend its reach to Migaloo (2nd largest Cosmos NFT marketplace)
  • GraveDigger: Not just a staking protocol, but a liquid staking treasure trove available on Migaloo, Terra, Chihuahua, and Juno (Total Value Locked (TVL): Grave Digger has unearthed a combined TVL of $903k across 4 chains, Juno is just beginning )
  • NFT Switch: A peer-to-peer NFT trading platform on Terra, where digital assets are brokered in closed sales, no royalties, and without fear of being scammed.
  • SkeletonPunks: An NFT collection on Terra that’s more than just digital art — it’s a revenue-sharing community (market cap of 805k $LUNA)
  • Migaloo Whales: A revenue-sharing NFT collection on Migaloo, where digital assets and real-world value meet.

Summoning $SOUL: The Essence of Our Ecosystem

The $SOUL token, a manifestation of our entwined fates, becomes the elixir of existence, coursing through the veins of our ecosystem like the very lifeblood that defines our spectral vitality. This token, akin to the whisper of the reaper’s scythe, holds the power to tether souls to the fleeting realm of digital assets, breathing a semblance of life into what was once intangible.

The Blueprint of $SOUL

Blockchain: Migaloo Chain ($WHALE)

Total Supply: 10 Million

Token Allocation:

  • 50% SoulDrop
  • 15% Soul Foundation
  • 15% Team
  • 10% Protocol Liquidity
  • 10% Sail Chain Claim

Unclaimed tokens from the SoulClaim will return to the Soul Foundation, like spirits to the underworld.

The SoulClaim: A Glimpse into the Ether

Who’s Eligible for $SOUL?

  • GraveDigger NFT collection stakers (Skeleton Punks, Migaloo Whales, etc…)
  • LP’ers on bLUNA, bWHALE, bHUAHUA, and bJUNO staking pools
  • Necropolis and Necromancer shoppers and minters
  • GraveDigger treasure hunters
  • Alliance stakers — bWhale, bLUNA, etc…
  • NFT Switch users
  • Stakers of NFT Switch and PFC validators (Sail program Chains only min of $250 value staked)
  • Ginkou bASSET borrowers and stable depositors
  • RaccoonBet gamblers
  • PixeLion Skeleton Punk trait NFTs
  • LionDao $ROAR staker of 100 million on Enterprise Dao

Join us as we traverse the labyrinthine passages of innovation, weaving an intricate tapestry that binds the threads of life and death into a singular, pulsating entity. The $SOUL token is the conduit between the ephemeral and the enduring, etching its mark upon the very fabric of existence, forging an indelible path through the enigmatic mists of the afterworld, a path only traversable by those willing to embrace the transcendental essence of the abyss.

The game starts today! Multiple snapshots will be taken to monitor eligibility.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth article on SoulDrop, emerging soon from the depths.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this post is subject to the BackBone Labs disclaimer. BackBone Labs makes no promises, warranties, or guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of this information. Any statement is subject to change. There is no legal claim for receiving $SOUL by using BackBone Labs products.

This disclaimer is intended to protect Backbone Labs from liability if any information contained in this post is inaccurate or incomplete.

Thank you for your understanding.

BBL team